Piercings and tattoos are not taboos

2017 is a time where self-driving cars, editing the human genome and Trump becoming president are all too real. I just want to know why tattoos and piercings are such […]

The Space Between Us was meteor-ocre

The Space Between Us features the story of two star crossed lovers, and that’s it. While the romantic aspects of the movie were enthralling, there was an endless void of actual […]

Stop shouting, start sympathizing

“Danielle wake up,” are probably my least favorite words to hear. Sleep is one of my dearest friends. Sleeping is one of my few talents. Going to sleep is the […]

An end to finals

Finals week elevates many aspects of a high school student’s life including but not limited to: stress, anxiety, fear, and caffeine consumption. However, there is a noticeable decrease in grades […]

Black Friday is the darkest holiday

Attention all Black Friday shoppers: the time to shop ‘till you drop is quickly approaching. In order to prepare, we should cancel it. The concept of having a day filled […]

Voting: a privilege not a prank

Let’s clear up these rumors. No, 15,000 people did not vote for Harambe. However, there were a number of people who did. The number of voters who did this does […]